I have a comic available for Pre-order.  It is called Bruise.  It is a 16 page mini-comic being put out as a part of the Sacred Prism series that includes other such luminaries as Lala Albert, Frank Santoro, and Benjamin Marra.

Bruise is like what you get if Speed and Ghost in the Shell had a very gay Fassbinder baby.  It is the only comic you’ll read this year that has cum-activated nano-spiders.  It is probably the only comic you’ll read this year that makes reference to Marlene Dietrich’s singing career.

If you watched Scorpio Rising and your principal complaints were that motorcycles are too slow, there’s not enough computers, and where are the blowjobs–then Bruise is the comic for you.

It’s only 5 dollars.  I know, I know–usually you have to pay top dollar for your overt homoerotic action thrill-ride, but I dunno, Ian Harker is crazy, he’s practically giving it away.

Here’s two rando interior pages:

The book is coming out in August.  Pre-order now.

My anthology comic series Hecate Snake Diaries is also still available digitally through gumroad.  You can buy that now.