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I don’t usually advocate these kinds of things…

But reading the new 4thletter blog on the Morrison comments regarding Siegel and Shuster’s rights to Superman…it’s got me thinking…

We should boycott the fuck out of that book, no?  

And I say this as a huge huge huge Morrison/DC fangirl.  I love Morrison’s work.  Love superhero comics.  Enjoy a good superman as much as anyone.

But deep down we all know this reboot of Superman is a lot about creating a new origin so DC can keep some of the character that they screwed Siegel and Shuster out of.

It is ethically dubious to contribute money to the Time/Warner corporation in the services of crafting a version of Superman that they can continue to own, despite all of the crap they’ve pulled on the true creators of Superman…

And the thing is, I’m more mad about Marvel’s treatment of Jack Kirby and his family than anything DC has done.  But at some point it gets a little too weird reading books that are made out of the death and misery of the Supergods of our medium.  Some of these books are like the blood diamonds of book publishing at this point.  Shouldn’t we as a readership stand up and demand that these companies prove to us that the creators of these characters are being taken care of properly, before giving them our money?  Some sort of seal they could put in the books that let you know this book’s creators were did not die poor and crazy while you raked in billions in movie money on their ashes.

I feel bad about even adovcating this given the state the industry is in right now.  And given that I think Geoff Johns is a really great human being, and someone who has shown me nothing but kindness personally.

But the Gene Colon stuff, and the Jack Kirby stuff—fucking kills me.  These guys are MY JLA.  And what was done to them/is being done to them, is on some Darkseid shit.  

So what do you think?  Boycott?
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