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Finished Snake Widow.  This was the second story I wrote for Hecate Snake Diaries, and was made right after The Snake and the Scorpion, so you can see my style leveled up during those two stories which I think is interesting.  I also did caption boxes for it ahead of the writing, which in retrospect was really dumb, and it’s why the lettering is kind of more straight foward than the other entries in the anthology—there’s also a LOT more text.  

It’s also the most shamelessly about my separation of any of the stories.   When I was making it I just knew that every house felt haunted at that point, and my stomach was feeling like it was getting raped by demons of all shape.  It’s okay though, HR Giger got me through.  Embrace the nightmares, yeah?

So yeah now Hecate Snake Diaries is all finished.  I just have to figure out how to wrangle it into a manageable PDF and then set it up for paid download.  Which isn’t nearly as fun as every other stage of doing it, ha.  

I’m pretty proud of it in the end.  It’s not my first comic, or my longest(ophelia takes both of those feats) but I feel like this book ended up marking a huge progression for me as an artist, and I learned a lot making it.  And beyond that, it’s the kind of comics I like.  So I hope when I put the whole thing out, some people read it and like it.  The next one will be even better.

It’s kind of interesting, I made this book across 3 different states, 3 different houses, and various states of hope or despair about my relationship—I can look at any page here, and remember where I was when I did it—which is remarkable because it was so many different places.  Even within the same houses.
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    This is great Sarah. Can’t wait to see the whole book. (and be able to buy it)
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    I see a lot of tsutomu Nihei reflected in your style
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